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" My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for 8 months. My period was irregular and my OB told me just to keep on trying but I knew I couldn't track my ovulation because of my irregular period. After one meeting with Katie she put me on a full regiment to regulate my period and within 2 months I was pregnant! She was so helpful and understanding, I highly recommend her to anyone with fertility issues. I also just felt super comfortable around her and telling her everything which is more than I could say for my OB! Thanks Katie! And "your" baby says thank you too :)" - Amy F.

I have been experience stress-related anxiety and someone recommended I try acupuncture with Katie Marienthal. My body is very sensitive to treatments, and she took that to heart and really eased into it. I felt like my body was really respected. The needles can feel a bit strange at first (I was a first timer). But, as I relaxed into the table I started to feel energy open up, my body relax, and a really zen-like state come over me. She checked in on me regularly, and had lovely music playing. I was finally able to really quiet the mind and my relaxed state lasted long after the treatment was over. The table and office area was very clean and approachable. I would highly recommend Katie Marienthal for acupuncture treatments!" - Jen H.

I went to Katie Marienthal in last ditch effort to alleviate a horrible rash that I had been fighting for about 2 months. Prior to my visit with Katie, I went to the dermatologist several times to figure out what was the cause and to find relief. The dermatologist prescribed me 5 different medications, (one strong antibiotic and 4 topicals) to address my symptoms with no real conclusive diagnosis. None of the medicines prescribed helped. I was absolutely miserable! I went to Katie to get a different opinion and perspective. Needless to say, I was able to get a relief from my rash within one visit. By the next appointment, Katie was able to fine tune her treatment, suggest dietary modifications and take a more aggressive approach in getting to the root cause of my horribly itchy rash. Through acupuncture, herbs (both oral and topical) and diet modifications, I was able to get rid my of rash within a couple weeks. Later, I decided to follow up with my dermatologist (still had a follow-up appointment scheduled) and confirmed that my rash was a more unusual symptom of celiac disease, in which according to the dermatologist, there is no cure. I was told that the rash may take 4-6 months to go away. Thanks to Katie, she was abIe to get to the root cause of my rash, formulate a treatment plan and help me get rid of my rash within 2 1/2 weeks. I will definitely continue to see Katie in the future.

Katie Marienthal has CHANGED my life and SKIN issues! I would recommend Katie for anyone struggling with stress, eczema, menopause (night sweats), depression.....because I had all of the above due to my skin related issues.

I could write a book about all the skin struggles I have suffered in the past 19 years and still would not begin to tell my story! I was diagnosed with Eczema 19 years ago after many different test (blood, biopsy, elimination,yeast, gluten diets, charcoal pills, clean eating, juicing, sauna treatments, over the counter and prescription creams) have seen TOP notch skin doctors and specialist and still no changes in my skin. My skin would look as if someone poured HOT water on it and it was burned about 10 months out of the year =( I even had a fire fighter ask me how I got burned once! I learned to cope and to buy clothes that would hide my arms and legs even during warm days. I met Katie this year at Yogaworks in Costa Mesa, CA while she was doing a stress bead presentation...and what do you know....I had a flare up on my arms! She noticed and began to ask me questions and even asked to examine my tongue! =) In mind I was thinking why does this person want to see my tongue....a question or exam no other doctor had ever explored! I took her business card filed in my purse and went about my day. I did for a second think maybe I will make an appointment with her....I have nothing to lose! a month or so went by and I ended up with the worse flare up of my life. I was desperate and scared and didn't know what to do...however, I knew I couldn't live in pain with my flare ups anymore. I called Katie and the rest is history.....Here you go!

Well here is my testimony about Katie! I have pictures to prove what I am about to share but would prefer not to make anyone sick (so I won't share unless you want to see them) if so please email me directly at

In August of 2015 I suffered the worst skin flare up of my life! Katie immediately scheduled an appt. for me in her office and had a consultation within a couple days. We reviewed my medical history during my consultation. Immediately she said that she would be able to help me because her aunt had a similar skin issue a few weeks back and she relieved her breakout. I still had reservations because I had never had success with other treatment (s)! The first treatment was a cupping method that was not the most comfortable treatment because my skin was raw and sensitive...I continued with second cupping treatment and HERBS (a few different herbs she prescribed) within 1 week my skin had gone from a SEVERE 10 to a about a 4 (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being most severe).....I continued with my herbs and the other recommendations she made for my situation and what do you KNOW the FLARE up WAS 95% gone!!!! IT was a husband could not believe his eyes nor could I! It been almost 2 months and my skin is healthy, beautiful and GLOWING....I am still taking herbs and continue to communicate with Katie about my health. I am beyond grateful to KATIE for healing my "ECZEMA" or whatever my body was fighting.....Katie- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping and healing me. NAMASTE. - A Roth

"I would like to recommend Katie Marienthal for acupuncture! I have suffered from migraine headaches quite often the last year and so I was referred to Ms. Marienthal. She was amazing! She is very professional, thorough, and has such an extensive knowledge of her field. I have not had a migraine since starting with her! I highly recommend her for any of your acupuncture needs! She is terrific! - Kathy S.

I was having pain with my right thumb and pinky fingers due to using a mouse daily. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was a little nervous because of a fear of needles. The procedure was painless and Katie made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. I no longer have pain in my fingers! I am so happy I went to Katie the results are amazing!

- Jeannie M. 

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