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Welcome to Katie Marienthal, LAc. Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine.

Our office is the perfect getaway from the busyness of life.

Reach your most optimal state of health!

Acupuncture and holistic medicine does not compartmentalize the body like western medicine. It seems odd when comparing highly specialized fields like dermatology, gynecology, fertility and orthopedics for example that all of these things can be treated under one roof by one practitioner. Don't get me wrong, I love to refer patients to providers who I know can help them in an area I cannot. 

However I find that my job is to educate patients on how this medicine can help them. Almost any issue in the body can benefit from acupuncture and holistic medicine and the strength of the medicine is in prevention. So if you are debating seeing your Doctor and haven't tried a preventative approach now is the time to try. I of course will let you know if you need to seek other medical attention. By treating the body as one, the results move beyond the compartment we visualize it in and we can start to experience total body wellness.

Katie Marienthal

Katie's patient centered approach sets her a part from other practitioners. Katie has worked in hospital and clinic settings for over the last 10 years and is confidently bringing you the most up to date and effective care through constant study and research.

CA Licensed acupuncturist License #AC16423

Nationally licensed in Oriental Medicine- NCCAOM

Masters- 4 years-Cum Laude- Traditional Oriental Medicine. Emperors College

Bachelors- University of Southern California

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